Minimum viable product (MVP)

Serial entrepreneur and product expert, John Marshall, shares insight into how to build successful products for real customer problems.

May 7th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

The first release of a product is crucial. Including things that aren’t needed bloat your product, consume time and money, and create friction. Including too little and it doesn’t satisfy your customer. Learn how to tell between the two and build a product that users will love and talk about, and that can be built on as the business progresses.

In This Clinic You Will Learn

  • Efficient, argument-proof way to prioritize features
  • Good vs Fast vs Cheap
  • Mobile vs Desktop vs Web
  • Hiring & managing virtual team vs local talent
  • Software has a half-life

What You Should Bring

  • Your half finished MVP
  • Your competitors’ products
  • Your dreams for wealth and global domination
  • Your user profiles
  • Any other tough questions

A Bit About John Marshall

John has been bootstrapping software companies for 37 years, with 2 failures and 5 successfully sold along the way. Successful exits include two with Santa Cruz based talent (ClickTracks and Market Motive) and one with virtual staff from around the world. Along the way John learned a lot, and he’s delighted to share some experiences, what worked well, what bombed, and why. Bring questions about your specific business and plans, and get 1:1 advice.


Doors Open: 6:00PM

Pizza & Beverages

Presentation: 6:30PM

Coaching Clinic: 7:15PM

May 7th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

John Marshall

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