Building Hardware Products

Hardware engineer and avid lego builder, Chrissy Meyer, shares her insight into how to build thoughtful hardware products.

May 14th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

“Hardware is hard.” When building a hardware business, the margin for error is slim. A minor design change has the ability to delay a launch by months, and cost tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars. Product market fit is essential. Pricing and financial modeling must be accurate. Supply chain, execution, and timing are critical. Come get the lowdown on how to build a budget, schedule, and pitch for a hardware company, and learn about common pitfalls to avoid.

In This Clinic You Will Learn

  • Why hardware is so capital-intensive
  • Why it takes so much time & iteration
  • The importance of supply chain
  • What VCs expect to see when being pitched by a hardware startup
  • Common pitfalls, and case studies on things that can go wrong

What To Bring

  • Your product’s supply chain, or the supply chain you think your product will funnel through
  • A sample pitch to VCs regarding your hardware
  • Questions on all things hardware

A Bit About Chrissy Meyer

Chrissy has spent the past decade taking hardware products from early concept through high-volume production. After getting her MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, she led several projects at Apple and Square. She was also a founding team member at Pearl Automation, a vehicle technology startup. She has developed products that have shipped tens of millions of units, and she has spent over a year on the ground in Asia working closely with manufacturers and suppliers. Chrissy is now a partner at Root Ventures, a seed-stage hard tech venture capital firm. At Root, she invests in deeply technical teams that are solving problems in robotics, hardware, industrial automation, AI, and developer tools.


Doors Open: 6:00PM

Pizza & Beverages

Presentation: 6:30PM

Coaching Clinic: 7:15PM

May 14th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

Chrissy Meyer

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