Intellectual Property & Patents

IP lawyer Patrick Reilly shares his legal knowledge and how to protect your business no matter which industry you’re in

June 4th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

Most tech start-ups have intellectual capital to protect. It may simply be know-how, a trademark, a novel product concept, an algorithm, or perhaps a business or IT process you created along the way. Whatever it is, learn what steps you might take to increase the appeal of your firm for investment and protect your creativity from being copied.

In This Clinic You Will Learn

  • An overview of trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret protection
  • Issues in implementing a budget-conscious intellectual property (IP) strategy

What To Bring

  • Examples of your secured intellectual capital
  • Questions about intellectual property you have yet to protect
  • General questions about IP law and strategy to increase your value

A Bit About Pat Reilly

Patrick Reilly is a Patent and intellectual property attorney experienced in patent and trademark prosecution, specifically in the methods and devices of the Internet of things, the technology areas of consumer electronics, and software-enabled processes.

Prior to attending law school, Patrick served 16 years as a sales engineer, global account manager, and high technology marketer. His sales and marketing achievements include OEM contract negotiations, electronic/Internet system deployment, and online entertainment.

Patrick is the Founder and CEO of the Intellectual Property Society ( He has successfully maintained his law firm for over 15 years. He specializes in patent prosecution, trademark prosecution and assertion, copyright registration and assertion, and negotiating IP licensing agreements.

June 4th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

Pat Reilly

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