Serial entrepreneur and financing expert, Craig Vachon, shares insight into how to best position yourself to receive the funding you need.

May 28th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

Whether it’s family and friends round to get you started, an Angel or VC round, or a bridge loan needed for short term cash flow. Know what’s best for you and what you need to be able to go get it. Raising money takes preparation and time. Knowing how you expect to raise money and the criteria you’ll need to meet, factor large in many early — and later — company decisions. Position yourself correctly and you’ll have a much easier time.

In This Clinic You Will Learn:

  • Finding investment isn’t for those who aren’t willing to work hard for it
  • Finding the right investor is often the most difficult part [Spray and Pray never works]
  • The five key attributes that investors are looking for
  • Techniques for matching your needs with different funding approaches

What To Bring

  • Ideas on who you want to secure funding from
  • Current plan and timeline on when you want to raise money
  • All questions on funding

A Bit About Craig Vachon

Craig Vachon is a serial entrepreneur, and investor. Over his career, he has earned $1.5B in new investment for 31 projects (including two PE/VC funds) in seven different countries. Craig has led companies in London, Tokyo, Taipei, Maharashtra India, Northern California and Vancouver BC.

Craig formerly served as the COO of Nextel International, CEO of Sirenic Inc., and the CEO of Varatouch acquired by Atrua. Most recently Craig served as the Chief Commercial Officer at Anchorfree. Craig is currently the MD Chowdahead Growth Fund [angel investments], a Senior Partner at Next Stage [a Paris-based private equity fund with €6.6B AUM], and a Central Coast Angel member. Craig has over 30 years of tech experience and has even given a TedTalk on the importance of privacy.


Doors Open: 6:00PM

Pizza & Beverages

Presentation: 6:30PM

Coaching Clinic: 7:15PM

May 28th 6:00pm @ Cruzio

Craig Vachon

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