TechRaising 2018

Participants will gather on a Friday evening and have 90 seconds to pitch their idea for a product, service or company to the group. After pitches everyone will break out, discuss their ideas and form teams to build the idea. The goal is to have something to demo or launch at the end of the weekend. 

The Santa Cruz Tech community has grown a lot since our last event and it feels time to come together once again to explore ideas and expand start building them. We’ve had great success in the past — lets do it again!

If you have an idea for a startup or be part of a startup team, this is the event for you.

Teams should consist of at least one developer, one designer, and one business development marketing person but can be as large as necessary. Feel free to talk to others about your ideas beforehand, refine them, get buy in, and please come with the intention of embracing others.

Cross team collaboration is promoted and facilitated. This will be a learning event and a way to interact with, promote, and nourish the community of entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz.

Mentors will interact with teams, discuss key issues that all startups encounter — legal, design, PR and promotion, getting early adopters and customers, fundraising team building, and business model — and share their experience and ideas.

This is an opportunity to brainstorm with others who have done it before and iterate on your ideas and products.

You come and build and we provide from awesome local restaurants and vendors —  the whole weekend long. Come and build we’ll make sure you’re well fed and thirst quenched.

Let’s join together for a weekend and create things that will demonstrate that we are a thriving entrepreneurial community that is not only talking but also doing.

Reception / Networking
6:30 – 9:00pm
Pitches & Team formation
Design / Development / Coding Begins
Venue Closes
Doors open
Morning Mentors
1:00pm to 4pm
Afternoon Mentors
Venue Closes
Doors open
Morning Mentors
4:30pm — 6:30pm
Demos with Mentor Feedback
6:30pm — 7:30pm
Clean up
Community Celebration at location to be announced

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Jose Caballer

Entrepreneur, UX designer, Design Chef: ConsenSys

Jose is the co-founder of The Skool, an education company that teaches solopreneurs, design agencies and startups how to collaborate, execute, and thrive in the digital economy.

Jessica Groopman

Industry Analyst & Founding Partner: Kaleido Insights

Jessica is an Industry Analyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights, leading the automation practice and specializing in user experience and data integrity.

Keith Holtaway

Business Consultant

A Bay Area business consultant who for the last 16 years have taken seeds of ideas and transformed them into award-winning, successful and recognized small businesses.

Doug Erickson

Vice President of US West Coast Sales: Nanigans

In addition to running West Coast sales for Nanigans, Doug invests in Santa Cruz tech companies including Buoy Labs and Inboard Technology. Doug is cofounder and president of UC Santa Cruz’s hackathon — this year renamed CruzHack — and founder of the popular Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup.

Catelyn Orsini

Product Architect: Plantronics

As a Product Architect, Catelyn is charged with transforming innovative ideas and features into real products. After more than a decade of designing audio devices to help connect people to each other, Catelyn's current focus is on utilizing voice communications to connect people to the technology around them.

Danielle Davenport

Founder & CEO: Big Deep Digital

With over 20 years of experience at high technology companies and a key thinker and contributor in the launch of several innovative start-ups, Danielle provides capital, strategic analysis and capacity building to high potential ideas with a focus on disruptive models and technologies.


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