Participants will gather on a Friday evening and have 90 seconds to pitch their idea for a product, service, or company to the group.

After the pitches, everyone will break out, discuss their ideas, and form teams to build the idea. The goal is to have something to demo or launch at the end of the weekend.

Past events have been huge successes. If you have an idea for a startup or be part of a startup team, this is the event for you.

Teams should consist of at least one developer (ideally two or more), one designer, and one business development marketing person, but can be as large as necessary. Feel free to talk to others about your ideas beforehand, refine them, get buy in, and please come with the intention of embracing others.

Cross team collaboration is promoted and facilitated. This will be a learning event and a way to interact with, promote, and nourish the community of entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz.

Mentors will interact with teams, discuss key issues that all startups encounter — legal, design, PR and promotion, getting early adopters and customers, fundraising team building, and business model — and share their experience and ideas.This is an opportunity to brainstorm with others who have done it before and iterate on your ideas and products. The Santa Cruz Tech community has been talking a lot about losing businesses and exporting talent over the hill. Let’s join together for a weekend and create things that will demonstrate that we are a thriving entrepreneurial community that is not only talking but also doing.

Sample Schedule of Events


6:00PM — Reception / Networking
6:45–8:00PM — Pitches & Team formation
8:00PM — Design / Development / Coding Begins


8:30AM — Breakfast
9:00AM-12PM — Morning Mentors
10:00AM-12:00PM — Startup Skool with Jose Caballer— Core Strategy for Entrepreneurs
12:30PM — Lunch
1:00PM to 4PM — Afternoon Mentors
6:00PM — Dinner


8:30AM — Breakfast
9:00AM-12PM — Morning Mentors
12:30PM — Lunch
4:00PM–6:00PM — Demos with Mentor Feedback

Special Workshop

Startup Skool — Core Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Imagine being able to go from idea to prototype in less than a day.

In an easy, simple and intuitive process that anyone can do. No tech or design experience needed.

Jose Caballer, Chief Education Officer for The Skool will be sharing…

The Skool OS CORE framework for rapid product definition in a hands on workshop.

You will walk away with the following:

  1. Core Product Statement: What your product does, for who it does it for, how it does it and what value it provides.
  2. Core Customer Profiles: What problem they have and what features they need to solve it.
  3. Core Features: A prioritized list of what features you should build first.

With these 3 things defined, the design of your smartphone app, SAAS platform or media startup will be a breeze.

As a bonus Jose will show real life examples of how startups across the country are using The Skool OS CORE to help them execute in “Hi Fidelity” and “Hi Velocitity”.

This hands one worksessions can’t be missed if you need a framework to take the guesswork out of your startup, help you avoid painful mistakes and disagreements between you and your team.

As a extra bonus Jose will share the Skool OS CORE workbook and 13 free videos showing a real life example of the Skool OS CORE beininstalled in a real company.

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • UX experts
  • Business development professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Social media peeps
  • Anyone with an idea for a product or startups
  • Angel Investors

Join us and help raise the roof on Tech in Santa Cruz!