TechRaising Team

TechRaising blossomed out of the heart of  community it serves today. In February 2011, Andrew, Margaret and Matthew came together to bring a weekend TechRaising to the community of Santa Cruz to see if we, as a community, could “bring it”. After two successful events, the TechRaising team continues to show that yes indeed, Santa Cruz can bring it.


Andrew Mueller
Andrew Mueller is a Co-Founder of TechRaising and the CEO and Chief Strategist at Mueller & Company, a consulting firm focused on helping clients leverage emerging digital technologies.Over his career, Andrew has designed and implemented marketing strategies and tactics for Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, and has been a founding team member at numerous startups. An active speaker and writer, Andrew has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, was invited to speak as a guest lecturer at USC, and blogs for Silicon Angle. Andrew ranks among the top influencers on social ranking sites in such categories as social media, marketing, branding, and startups.
Margaret Rosas
Margaret connects people to each other and to ideas, exposing previously unforeseen possibilities. Her toolkit includes user interface, user experience, brand identity, social media, search engine optimization, and web protocols.A mainstay of Santa Cruz geekdom and a techie who can speak English, she has worked with educational institutions, law firms, Internet start-ups, non-profits, and her own companies to build applications that work-improving the user experience and streamlining workflow processes.
Matthew Swinnerton
Matthew Swinnerton is one of the Co-Founders of TechRaising, lead interrogator at, and is a business development manager at Comcast Business Class.Matthew is very active in the tech community and has a passion for entrepreneurship and a passion to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. Matthew is an accomplished public speaker and has written many articles for trade publications including his interviews with Silicon Valley CEO’s and entrepreneurs.