About TechRaising Events

Join other developers, designers, entrepreneurs and business people and build those ideas you've been talking about. TechRaising events are about collaboration, execution, accomplishment and showing what you've done.

Participants gather on a Friday evening and have 90 seconds to pitch their idea for a product, service, or company to the group. After pitches have been completed, everyone will have a chance to dialog with each other and form teams to build the the idea over the course of the weekend. learn more

From the Blog

  • Santa Cruz Project Lights Up Kickstarter - With a Kickstarter campaign that fully funded in 15 minutes Zohar Wouk is not on a typical teenager’s path. He veered from that path toward the end of 11th grade when he left school to attend an entrepreneurship boot camp at Draper University.  It was there that he first came up with the idea for [&hellip