• What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Funding

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    One of the most difficult things for an entrepreneur is figuring out how to finance the business. While entrepreneurs may be experts in their industries and/or in the technical requirements of their businesses, many have little or no knowledge of how to  get the investment necessary to allow their expertise and companies to shine.  Last month we were fortunate to have Craig Vachon, an extremely savvy and experienced investor, share his knowledge of the investment landscape with us. This was a provocative presentation that laid out all the options progressing from the most desirable form of investment (no investment) to the least desirable.  The presentation was framed in the context that…

    Investment equals selling your company.  The goal is to sell as little as possible.

    Check out the slide deck below to learn more about how to navigate these waters.  Happy sailing!

    If you liked this, check out the June 28 TechRaising Meetup, where serial entrepreneur Sol Lipman will talk about what it takes to get your product launched.

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